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KickBack Rewards Systems

KickBack Rewards System is the company that, at the time of this writing, I am currently employed for. When I was first hired, the company was in the process of rewriting and rebuilding their technological foundation, and one of the projects that they were rebuilding was the company website. Originally, the website was built in WordPress, and for the first year and a half of my employment at KickBack, I was in charge of management of this WordPress website.

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Building Dynamic Navbars with Jekyll

Jekyll has numerous tools to make static web development easier and more developer-friendly. As per usual, it just takes a little bit of digging!

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Jentry Hagan by Jentry Hagan & Me

This set was done with Miss Jentry Hagan, a local Idahoan vocalist with a beautiful voice. I played guitar, and she did the hard stuff. I expect to record more of her soon.

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Miss Canyon Rim's Outstanding Teen

Built with WordPress, the MCROT website is a clean, bold design that aims to let its title subject be the focus of the visitor’s attention, with striking images that contrast against the simple icons and typography.

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Live at the Moxie by Me & A Bunch of Others

This set was one of my first live gigs. You can hear the nerves all over the place, but I’ll be darned if I didn’t have a blast playing it.

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Beagles! - Chapter 9

“Beagles!” is a novel that was written during NaNoWriMo. NaNoWriMo is yearly event that spurs writers everywhere to finally write a book by challenging them to write 50,000 words in the month of November. If you’re interested in participating in NaNoWriMo, visit their website.

Due to the incredibly fast-paced nature of the NaNoWriMo experience, books are often written at the seat of the author’s pants. Here there be spelling errors, grammatical disasters, adventures in nonsense, deus ex machinimas, and unbridled imagination.

You have been warned.

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